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Apple Authorized Training Center Program

The Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) Program provides superior training to Apple customers, from novice users to seasoned professionals.

AATCs deliver Apple's official curriculum on Apple hardware, Mac OS X, pro applications and other key Apple technologies. The comprehensive curriculum addresses a broad range of technical proficiencies whether you're a first-time Mac user, an IT or creative professional, or a service technician. The courses are delivered by Apple Certified Trainers who maintain Apple's highest quality standards.

Apple offers the following AATC programs:

  • The AATC program certifies centers to teach Apple's OS X and Creative curriculum.
  • The AATC for Education program certifies high schools and other educational institutions to deliver Apple's OS X and Creative curriculum.
  • The Apple Authorized Service Training Center (AASTC) program certifies centers to deliver Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) training. 

AATC Recognition Program

The AATC Recognition Program encourages all centers to strive for excellence in training and certification, by rewarding AATCs with Gold Level status when they meet a specified set of criteria. This program is currently available in the US and Canada only. Scored criteria include but are not limited to: a minimum number of courses and exams delivered, regular submission of reports, and excellent customer service as defined by student evaluation benchmarks. AATCs who attain Gold Level status are identified with a gold colored circle on our Locations page.

AATC Program Benefits

  • Email access to Apple's AATC program team.
  • Receive specialized AATC communications.
  • Participate in occasional webcasts and meetings, co-marketing efforts, and other training events.
  • Certification exams provide revenue generating opportunities.
  • The AATC program logo identifies a facility as an official Apple training center. AATCs may use the logo in advertising, on business cards, on the training center's website, and in other communications, in compliance with Apple Corporate Identity Guidelines.
  • Apple's official curriculum includes all the materials your Apple Certified Trainers need to conduct Apple training courses.
  • Advertising on Apple website — receives approximately 1 million visitors daily, which translates into about 3 to 4 million page views.
  • Eligible AATCs can publish their course schedule to the Apple Training website, where students worldwide view course schedules.
  • AATCs benefit from generous discounts on the Apple Pro Training Series and Apple Training Series courseware.
  • AATCs have an exclusive program home page that provides product imagery, keynote presentations, demo movies and other marketing materials.

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